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Information about Research Participation in the Developmental Neuropsychology Lab

Principal Investigator:
Loisa Bennetto, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology, University of Rochester

An introduction to our lab

Thank you for your interest in the Developmental Neuropsychology Lab! Our research is focused on improving the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. In our lab, we study how children understand and relate to the world around them. We are interested in how children learn to think, communicate, move, and even taste and smell.

People may not be aware of the role that research plays in daily life. As research is conducted, advances are made that impact the way children are diagnosed and receive treatment for various disorders. An improvement in the quality of diagnoses and treatments means an improvement in the quality of every-day life for children all around the world. Advances in research are linked directly to people who volunteer their time to participate in local research studies. Without these wonderful volunteers, research would not be possible!

Interested in participating in a research study?

If you and your child(ren) think you may be interested in participating in one of our studies, please complete our Contact Form, which will allow us to keep your information on file in our laboratory. This information includes your name, address, phone number(s), and e-mail address, and the names, ages, and gender of your children, as well as whether they may have an autism spectrum disorder or other disorder. Providing us with your information is completely voluntary. You are free to leave any sections of this form blank if you choose, although we do need your name and at least one method of contacting you.

Your information will be stored in our secure database, accessible only to our trained study personnel. We will try to keep what we learn about you private, but we may have to share this information with University of Rochester monitors and the Department of Health and Human Services. While they normally protect the privacy of this information, they may not be required to do so by law. By law, we have to get your authorization to use health information we collect from you. As we stated above, we will be collecting your name, your contact information, and some information about your family for our database. This information may be audited to make sure we are following regulations, policies, and study plans. Your authorization will not expire unless you tell us you want to cancel it. We will keep the information we collect about you indefinitely. If you cancel your authorization, your information will be removed from our database.

We will review your information, and if we think you may be a match for one of our studies, we will contact you to tell you about that study and ask you some additional questions. If you are not currently a match for our studies, we will keep your information on file for future studies. Completing the Contact Form does not obligate you to participate in any of our studies.

You can mail your completed Contact Form to:
Carol Metzger
University of Rochester
Department of Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology
P.O. Box 270266
Rochester, NY 14627.


If you prefer to provide this information to our research team over the phone, you can call Carol Metzger at (585) 276-5587.


You can also complete our Contact Form online at:

If you have any additional questions about our research, please call Carol Metzger at (585) 276-5587. If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact: The Human Subjects Protection Specialist at the University of Rochester Research Subjects Review Board, Telephone: (585) 276-0005, for long-distance you may call toll-free, (877) 449-4441.

Please note that this database is secured with SSL () technology and all data transmissions are secure and encrypted.